Yıldıray Yıldız, PhD MIT
  Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Bilkent University
  Phone: +90 312 290 3065

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Graduate Students    

Shahab Tohidi

 Graduate Student in Mechanical Engineering
Bilkent University

Research area: Adaptive control allocation.

My research is mainly focused on the design of adaptive control
allocation in over-actuated systems with actuator rate and position

 Anıl Alan
 Graduate Student in Mechanical Engineering
Bilkent University

Research area: Fast and delay resistant adaptive control theory and applications to pressure control.

Ehsan Yousefi

Graduate Student in Mechanical Engineering
Bilkent University


Research area: Human-in-the-Loop Telerobotics

My research is focused on human-in-the-loop telerobotic systems. A telerobotic system has feedforward and feedback telecommunication time delays, inevitability. In addition to that, I consider the human operator as an element of the overall closed loop system dynamics; my goal is to show mathematically how the human operator and the rest of the telerobotic system interact with each other, and how the human reaction time delay and telecommunication time delays affect the stability and performance of the closed loop system.

       Ayesha Sarwar
     Graduate Student in Mechanical Engineering
       Bilkent University

       Research Area: Application of Control Allocation Techniques to Recover             from Driver Induced Oscillations.



Didem Fatma Demir

Gradute Student in Mechanical Engineering
Bilkent University
 Research area: Light and deformable mobile robots that can navigate using game theoretical decision rules.

Undergraduate Students    


    Berat Mert Albaba

   Undergraduate Student in Electrical and 
    Electronics Engineering
    Bilkent University

    Research Area: Reinforcement Learning and Game Theory Applications for
    Traffic Modelling and Developing Autonomous Driving Control Algorithms.

                                                    My research is mainly focused on developing a game theoretic 
                                                   model of drivers and vehicles in order to validate autonomous vehicle
                                                   control systems 

         Ibrahim Abbasov

Undergraduate Student in Mechanical Engineering
Bilkent University


Research Area: Applications of Game Theory and Inverse Reinforcement Learning to Traffic Modeling

 Neginsadat Musavi
Graduated from Bilkent University Mechanical Engineering
Department Graduate Program in June 2017
 Thesis title: A game theoretical framework for the evaluation of unmanned aircraft systems airspace integration concepts
First position: PhD student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

 Deniz Onural
 Graduated from Bilkent University Electrical Engineering
Department Undergraduate Program in June 2017
 First position: PhD student at Boston University

 Bekir Emre Körpe
Graduated from Bilkent University 
Mechanical Engineering Department Undergraduate Program in June 2015 

First position: 
Engineer at ASELSAN